About Advivus

Our story

Advivus is all about results. Our aim has from the beginning been to get our clients to the best possible results. With a team of marketeers behind, Advivus has had the perfect starting point to build a platform and network of buyers and sellers of online traffic. With a focus on quality offers, transparency, fairness, and the ability to create lasting results both for media suppliers and buyers, we build our company. 

Media buying and selling today also has a lot to do with enabling the technology of tomorrow. That is why we focus on having the most smooth and easy to use platform for clients. We make it easy to integrate and to customise to your specific needs. That is also why we have one of the best retention rates in the business. Done right, technology helps you gain control so you can focus on your business and rest assure that your engagement with Advivus is working perfect. 

Contact one of our Client Success Managers today to learn more about us and to see for yourself how we can help you reach your goals.