About Advivus

Our story

Advivus is all about results. Our aim has from the beginning been to get our clients to the best possible results. With a team of marketeers behind, Advivus has had the perfect starting point to build a platform and network of buyers and sellers of online traffic. With a focus on quality offers, transparency, fairness, and the ability to create lasting results both for media suppliers and buyers, we build our company.

A focus on digital products 

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and digital products, in general, is our primary area of focus. The reason is that the margins in digital products often are positive when these products can get to a level of scale. That provides a unique opportunity for a marketing company enabling bespoke campaigns to generate much-needed leads. Our approach has in most cases to do with the area of trials. It is for SaaS and digital products companies super important to get people to try the products. Trials are good for the merchants (often measuring the lifetime value of a customer), for the affiliates (getting a commission often many times higher than the trial amount triggering the commission), and finally for the customers that get to explore new products with low risk. As a standard term, we only work with merchants that offer an ethical approach to the sales, such as having a money-back guarantee and having high responsive standards in the support. Having certain standards is the key to a smooth experience all the way around. 


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