We Make
SaaS Sell 

Advivus is the affiliate network dedicated to making Software as a Service (SaaS) and digital-based products sell.

We Get People To Try New Things

When consumers and businesses are looking for new tools and services, this is the Advivus moment. Though our vetted network of clever affiliate marketers, we can generate traffic that converts into much needed trials of software based products. 

We value transparency and and a high level of compliance both on the merchant and affiliate side. This gives both a huge advantage. As a merchant, you get good new customers to try your product with a good opportunity for a high life-time value. As an affiliate, you get to focus on the thing you do best – the marketing. Enjoy attractive CPAs with shifting your traffic to SaaS and digital products campaigns. 

How We Assist Merchants And Affiliates

Get Secure Sales

Pay on a cost per action (CPA) basis only for the sales generated at fair prices and with full transparency. 


Personal Support

Both as a customer and as an affiliate you get personal support and assistance for all your needs. 


Security and Compliant

At Advivus we invest in having a secure ad environment where we vet all traffic coming in. 

Strategic Assistance

We are always interested in assisting in setting the best plan for your media purchases as a merchant or traffic sales as an affiliate.

Global Engagement

Advivius work with online traffic in a growing number of countries accross the globe. If you have traffic in a market, or need it, we often make it happen. 

Cutting Edge Ad Tech

With Advivus our technology ensures that you have a smooth experience buying and selling traffic. Our tech team can work with yours regarding integrations. 

The Affiliate Marketing Blog By Advivus

On the Advivus Affiliate Marketing Blog we give you actionable insights and tips to running your affiliate marketing business. We focus specifically on digital products online and different strategies for getting traffic that converts into sales. Looking to put the different strategies and tactics into action, then apply for an affiliate account with Advivus.